Where ART and your Brand intersect

At EXID MEDIA, we are passionate about storytelling through the magic of film.
Let us put that passion behind your brand and together we can share your story with the world.

Who are WE?

Meet the Founders And Creative Team Behind EXID.MEDIA

Vincent M. Burrows
Producer / Co-Founder

Vincent has always had a passion for great storytelling using the unique medium of video production. Beginning back in 2009, Vincent, with his brother, Isaac moved to Los Angeles to pursue this career. After collaborating with professionals in the field, and gaining invaluable knowledge of this art form, together; he and Isaac have honed their skills working on every type of video conceivable from musical/theatrical productions and music videos to artistic expressionist pieces and commercials. With this wide range of experience, they've brought their business and wealth of experience back home to Indianapolis, with this same dream of achieving the highest level of storytelling through video productions here in the Midwest.

Isaac N. Burrows
Director / Co-Founder

Isaac was born to bring stories to life through the magic of film. After graduating college in Orlando, FL with a Degree in Film, he moved to Los Angeles, where after working in every capacity of filmmaking, decided to move back to his home state of Indiana to be closer to family. Always wanting to build his own production company, it was here that he determined a real need for Hollywood caliber Production brought to the mid-west. Sharing a mutual desire to achieve the same goals he teamed with Vincent and out of this creative partnership was born Exid MEDIA.

A Place To Call Home

Once Isaac and Vincent were back in Indianapolis from living in Los Angeles and saw a real need for their services here in the midwest, they decided to put their years of experience into a premiere midwest Production Company. This led to the birth of Exid Media in August of 2017. They have unique perspective from their formal educations, as they bring together the forces of creative storytelling and professional film production that is rarely seen, particularly in commercial video. As a whole they have written feature screenplays, produced and directed films of all types and genres, including but not limited to: short films, music videos, documentaries, and commercial shoots, and cannot wait to help you market your business through the power of story and emotion.